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Stephen Cooper - concept artist
Stephen Cooper is a concept artist and illustrator with experience creating art and design for feature film, television, visual effects and video games.
He has creative experience imagining a diverse variety of different worlds; from Silent Hill to war-torn Iraq. In 2015 he created concept artwork for the BBC's Doctor Who.
He enjoys fantasy and science fiction literature, learning about science, history, politics and contemporary issues. He enjoys being inventive and not only creating beautiful imagery but working with creative people to imagine coherent worlds inspired by our own.
One of the earliest members of the first concept art forums, in 2001 he saw opportunites to apply his degree education in illustration in the games industry. In 2005 he was one of the first to utilise 3D modelling alongside Photoshop to make concept art for 'Haze', and subsequent titles.
Stephen can also provide simple drafting for propmakers. He uses 3D modelling, (Maya) to create accurate set or prop models for printing or set visualisation.